Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How much would a mechanic charge....?

i am going to change some spark wires, valve cover gasket and spark plugs. I was wondering what a machanic would charge to change all of this. a ball park figure. I changed a guys timing belt and valves for 250 and i was told i did that super cheap. I know engines just really dont know what to charge people. Just something fun to do on my spare time but want to be really cheap but also make it worth my whileHow much would a mechanic charge....?
you had better be careful as an unlicensed and unqualified mechanic you could be liable if a car fails or crashes due to your work especially on things like timing belts or brake systems you will not be able to get insuranceHow much would a mechanic charge....?
for a union mechanic, 750 or more. for a regular person 250 is a good price for all.How much would a mechanic charge....?
depends on car..year/make/model.....older cars 50-75 newr up to 250...